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        2 - Universal Clamping Blocks (UCB) with 2 - Neoprene Pads - Buy 2 Pairs and Save 10%

        • BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Block with Neoprene Pads
        • BLOKKZ - Universal Clamping Block
        • Neoprene Rubber Pad
        • BLOKKZ - Universal Clamping Block
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        Product Description



        Free Shipping Within The Continental USA

        The Ultimate Clamping Tool!
        BLOKKZ - Universal Clamping Blocks (UCB)

        Set of 2 UCB's & 2 Rubber Pad



        Universal Clamping Blocks is a woodworking tool that will help you clamp miter joints, rabbet joints, scarf joints and more. With the purchase of 4 blocks and pads you’ll be able to clamp frames and finger joints and possibly have no need for collections of specialized miter clamps and band clamps some of which can be relatively high priced and little used.  With the purchase of our Thin Neoprene Pads you'll be able to clamp edge bands or trim to 3/4" plywood or similar material.


        • Anodized, rigid, hard aluminum for durability and strength.
        ?• Non-slip ripple to prevent slippage. ?
        • T-bolt hole facilitates conversion to hold-down device.?
        • 3/4" loop for use with rigid tube or rod to clamp long angle or miter joints.
        ?• Neoprene Rubber Pads - can be used to buffer the Universal Clamping Block ripples from the wood being clamped and prevent slippage.

        Universal Clamping Blocks can be converted to hold-downs for use on drill presses and work tables with t-tracks using the UCB Hold Down Accessory Kit (sold separately)  Go to Universal Clamping Block Accessories by clicking here

        Click here to see how the Universal Clamping Blocks can be used 

        Product Videos

        Rabbeted Frame Clamping With Blokkz' Universal Clamping Blocks (UCBs) ()
        • Rabbeted Frame...

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        Product Reviews

        1. Does What I Needed 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 10th Jun 2018

          Bought this to use in my workshop where I frequently deal with angles that are not 90 or 45 degrees where I need to glue the joint together. Takes some getting used to in order to get the clamps positioned correctly but when done right, the pressure on the joints are perfect and works as expected. These clamps are constructed of substantial metal material to do the job and the neoprene pads are invaluable. The free shipping was the reason I ordered direct from Blokkz. A definite 2 thumbs up all around.

        2. Love it 4 Star Review

          Posted by on 17th Aug 2016

          Really a neat tool, although a little clumsy clamping to a small pieces. I'm glad I made the purchase as it will be very handy.

        3. Best Price is Here 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 9th Sep 2014

          A nice clamping system to help in those difficult to clamp situations. And the best price is here at blokkz own website. I started with only a pair but I can envision buying more.

        4. Great product 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 11th Feb 2013

          I put my eight clamping blocks to work within hours of receiving them. I was impressed. They worked beautifully... as advertised. For their price, they solve difficult problems and will save many times their cost in labor. Somebody came up with a great product.

        5. The timing is INcredible ! 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 12th Dec 2012

          I purchased at least a year ago, and two days ago finally tried them. I have a small framing business, and could not get this paticular frame to glue up nicely. The sides were tapered and the prefinished framing material was slightly warped. I tried my cast iron framing clamps, but since the side was tapered, it would not clamp. Then I tried another clamping jig I use for smaller frames, and it was too small for the 20X30 frame. I finally ended up quickly gluing and using a strap clamp, but by the time, I stuggled with setting it up and having another person help me, the glue set up and I could not make the face frame flat because the moulding was slightly warped-which is typical. The strap clamp is something I do not like to use because sometimes it damages the sides and makes glue clean-up very difficult. I then remembered that I purchased 2 sets of UCB clamping blocks and rubber protective pads. Because the moulding was tapered, and the frame that I used the strap on, looked awful, I was doubtful. Much to my surprise, the UCB's secured to the 1/4" taper, and when I used the large clamp to draw them together, the joint was perfect except the face was not flush. I used a couple of other clamps to square up the front and in a matter of minutes the two sides were perfect. After they set up I did another two sides and again had to use another clamp to square up the face and it came out perfect without one swear word. I was impressed ! I already forwarded your sales promotion email to a couple of other framers letting them know what a terrific product this is.
          I love a tool that works-great product. I will be getting a couple more after Christmas.
          Please feel free to let others contact me if they have any doubts or concerns. There have been so many framing clamps that I have tried, but none of them worked as fantastic as this one.
          Dennis Kurzawa - Lake Orion, Michigan 48362

        6. Response to TOM's Review - Please disregard "Star" rating 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 6th Apr 2012

          Tom, First off, Thank You VERY Much ! We believe a good solution to the oil problem is to use 3M's 8979 duct tape which has a rather rough surface to tape the pads on to the Blocks and cover the rubber. This tape does'nt leave residue, has a waterproof backing and seems to grip the wood quite well.

        7. TR Glass and Woodworks 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 6th Apr 2012

          On March 7th, 2012 I ordered UCB5R20-SYS and put it to use on April 3rd and 4th gluing up 2 shadow box frames. The frames a 4" deep and the UCB aluminum Blocks worked GREAT ! I used a mitre clamp on the back edge and the UCB on the top edge to pull the mitre joint together. Excellent visibility of the mitre joint ! The use of the rubber pads does concern me however, I have found that rubber will impart an oil into the wood that can be very troublesome and prefer to use cork which does not stain and still allows air movement and still hols the blocks in place once clamped in position.

        8. Universal Clamping Block - SYSTEM 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 12th Mar 2012

          Received my Blocks the beginning of the week, and I have to say I Love them ! For Years Ive had to create my own set of clamping blocks for each and every angle/project I made. Your design is so simple and elegant. Very nicely engineered and very high quality. They save lots of time and they are a pleasure to use. I also appreciate the videos on your site. Very helpful and full of good ideas.
          GREAT PRODUCT !!!
          THANKS .
          Harvey Brotman

        9. Clamping Chairs : Joe Polizzi Staten Island, NY. 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 9th Feb 2012

          Clamping Chairs was always a difficult job. The Blokkz' Universal Clamping Blocks made the task so much easier. Chair Legs usually are on an angle.
          By using the 2 Universal Clamping Blocks, I had the chair rung (after preparation) glued and clamped in less than 2 minutes. No slippage like using web clamps or bar clamps with wedges. Blokkz' Universal Clamping Blocks can take heat and i look forward to discover other ways to use them to make all my projects more enjoyable.

        10. Wayne Wright - Nebraska 5 Star Review

          Posted by on 19th Jan 2012

          I first saw mention of the Blokkz Universal Clamping Blocks on one of the Wood Magazines Forums. I checked out the videos on the Blokkz website and said to myself I think that this is something I can really use. I ordered 2 pairs of the Universal Clamping Blocks, along with shims, Extra Pads, and 2-6" clamps(Blokkz' price lower than Amazon). I received the order and immediately put them to use making face frames and picture frames. After about two days of use I could see these were the solution to my clamping problems. I then turned around and ordered two more pairs. I have yet to use them in all the applications they show them being used for, but I can see at sometime I will. I would highly recommend these for the multitude of clamping issues anyone may have!
          Wayne in Nebraska

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